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What Can You Expect?

A Message from Marjory Harris

You can expect the benefit of my 40+ years of litigation expertise. As a certified specialist in workers' compensation law and the editor of a medical-legal website and magazine, I have to stay current with changes in the law. As my client, you can expect me to explain the law and discuss proposed strategy with you, to answer your questions and help you get what you are entitled to from the workers' compensation system. You can expect me to personally handle your case.

Work Habits That Help You: Computers and the Internet have increased opportunities for efficiency, allowing more time for individual contacts and problem-solving. I store client information in a secure database which allows me to know at a glance what is going on with your case, rather than searching for your file and delaying response until I can read through it. Legal and medical research is now on-line, so I can quickly search out solutions to your particular problems. Email avoids the delays and possible non-delivery of the regular post. I will send you copies of all correspondence and legal pleadings I write on your behalf. I routinely forward narrative medical reports and other papers relevant to your case.

I regularly read and respond to client emails with specific information that helps you with your current problem or question. I am available by telephone outside of usual office telephone hours, by prior arrangement. We can set up a telephone conference by email or voicemail.

Liaison with other professionals: I will refer you as necessary to other professionals who can help you get well and back to work. I work with skilled, knowledgeable, courteous and compassionate service providers.

As an active member of the California Applicants' Attorneys Association (CAAA), I attend seminars, participate in statewide and local on-line legal forums so that I can share information with fellow practitioners and increase my knowledge of professionals that can help you get well and back to work.

Words of hope: The workers’ compensation process can be difficult, even overwhelming at times. The upheaval in the industry since the “reforms” of the early 1990’s has added to the emotional distress that accompanies an illness or disability. You are not being singled out for inept or disrespectful treatment by the employer or insurer – there are a lot of other injured workers receiving miserable treatment. My job as your attorney is to help you get through this by interceding and trouble-shooting with “the other side.”

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