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Legal Links

California Labor Code


Cal/OSHA Safety Regulations

Cal/OSHA Search Engine

Directory of WCAB Offices

WCWebzine A-Z Index

Medical Links

Licensure and Certification

Find out more about a doctor

Is the doctor under any disciplinary action?

Is the doctor Board certified?

Is the doctor a Qualified Medical Evaluator?

Is the therapist a licensed psychologist?

Medical Treatment

Physician's Guide (from 2001)DWC Medical UnitMedical Utilization Treatment Guidelines (MTUS)

The Human Body


Medical Dictionaries

Medical Search Engines

Prescription Information Index

Hand Injuries

Low Back Pain

All About Back Pain

Neck Pain

All About Neck Pain

Pain Management

Pain on Medline

Prevention and Care

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. MD Burns

Animated Yoga Guide for RSI, back, etc:

Other Benefits

State Disability Insurance (SDI)

State Disability Insurance (SDI)

Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Social Security Disability

How to apply for SSDI, etc.

How SSDI Benefits Interact with WC

Factors in Evaluating SSDI Eligibility


Medicare Eligibility

Cal/OSHA - Industrial Safety

Other Resources

Contact the Human Resources or Personnel department of your employer to find out if you are entitled to Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability benefits. 

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