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Workers' Compensation Lawyer Marjory Harris Cares About You and Your Rights

Marjory Harris specializes in workers' compensation law and the editor and publisher of a free public research tool, She has practiced workers' compensation law for 38 years, A resident of Loma Linda, a small town built around an internationally acclaimed medical center, Harris is familiar with the local medical practices. 

A work injury can change your life dramatically, bringing pain, loss of function, loss of wages and even loss of your job altogether. The claims adjuster is generally primarily concerned with keeping expenses low. The adjuster represents your employer's interests, not yours. See Claims Investigation . 

You need reliable, sound advice from someone who advocates for the injured worker. The employer, insurer and adjuster have attorneys representing them, so why not you?

Get a free consultation before you make any major decision about how to deal with the effects of your work injury. There is never any pressure to sign up or retain an attorney when it isn't necessary or in your best interest.

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